What are Bids and How to use them Wisely

Bidding is actually – How much you want to spend over each KeyWord click.

But it is not that easy as it looks.
While considering your bids over the keywords you need to keep on mind that you have a Daily Budget you want to spend the best way and to drive as much traffic to your site in the lowest cost possible.

When you make a keywords research before uploading your campaign Google suggest the best price to bid over each keyword.
It is a good way to start figuring how much you will spend every day and how many visitors you will drive to your site.

Not always the higher bid will get into the first result in the search results.
Google is considering many factors like your landing page, your ad, your budget etc.

We recommend using the Google bid suggestion as a good start, and tracking your keywords every day to figure if the bids are good enough or need adjustment.

Bid Wisely and drive more traffic from your campaigns. 


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