WP Buddha Wisdom - What are Marketing Pixels and how to use them - Part 1

Did you noticed that When visiting most of the business websites the website advertisements for the enterprise start to follow you everywhere you browse, even different websites and social media systems?
This action called “Remarketing” or “Retargeting”.
In the next few posts we are going to understand exactly how it works and how to make it by yourself. 

What are Pixels?
Pixels are short codes that allow you to collect some information about your website visitors, so you will be able to Show them relevant ads.
Pixels are Made for tracking the campaign’s conversions, and building audiences for Remarketing.


How to Start?
First let’s find the google pixels to copy them.
In this short video you can see step by step how to find your google ads (adwords) pixel in the new  dashboard.

If you wish to follow the steps without watching the video scroll below the video and continue reading.


Step #1 –  login you Google Ads Account and Click on the Tools Button at the top of the dashboard

Step #2 –  Choose Conversions from the menu

Step #3 – 
Click the + Button

Step #4 – 
Choose Website

Step #5 – 
On this step we have some details to fill:
1. Fill the Pixel Name.
2. Choose your Category.
3. Choose Value if needed.
4. Then you can Click on the “Create and Continue” Button on the bottom.

Step #6 – 
Choose “Install The Tag Yourself”

Step #7 – 
Scroll Down, Choose the right option for your site and copy the code.

Step #8 – 
If you also wish to Track your Conversions, scroll down –> Choose the Page Load Option –> copy the code.

Step #9 – 
Click on “Next” Button and then on DONE Button.

In the next posts we will learn how to find the facebook pixel and set it up and then we will use a simple plugin to add them all to the landing page or website.

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