Check List Before Starting New Campaign

Before you start your campaign with Google Adwords there are some things to keep in mind that will Avoid Common Mistakes every Beginner does on Google Ads.

1. Know what you want to promote – 
Many of marketers or business owners doesn’t have an idea about what they want to promote, so they are promoting unimportant pages or post and hope they will get them the results they dreamed of.
Take a few minutes and write what you want to sell or promote and then find the best page for that.
If you don’t have a good page to promote and you still need to start your Google Adwords Campaign we strongly suggest building a Landing Page.
Use Elementor as your builder it has lot to offer FOR FREE and the Elementor pro version worth the money while it let you use a Super Hero Abilities to create a well Professional Landing Page.

* You can read all about landing pages in our post.

2. Know your Budget – 
Spending money is the easiest part of advertising, but you want to control your budget and spent less as you can.
Start with your abilities, how much money you have to spend on this campaign?
then try to figure over the period of your campaign how much money will be spent every day.
So, if you have 500$ to spend over a campaign and it is going to end in 10 days … you have 50$ to spend per day.
Why is it important?
Google search Ads are based on search terms (keywords) and how much will be spent over a day for each campaign.
So, if your keyword bid will be 5$ and you have 50$ for each days … you will get about 10 clicks every day from this campaign.

3. Know your Keywords – 
Keywords or search terms are very important tasks while advertising in Google ads, since you want to be found over search results in the most effective words related to your business.
But how can you choose the correct keywords for your campaign? 
You can find all the answers in this post:

4. What are bids and how it works – 
Bids are the maximum money you want to pay when someone click on your Ad in a specific keyword.
For example if you bid an amount of 1$ per click over a keyword each time a user will click on your ad via this keyword you will be charged 1$. 

5. Why setting an End Date is so important – 
Well you want to control your campaigns and you don’t want them to run FOREVER!
Setting an end date will do couple of things:
1. it will split your total budget over the days (Yes it is the buddha way to take care of things for you)
2. it will keep you in attention about your marketing and campaigns.

TIP – renew your campaign from time to time so your users will see other creatives that might drive them into action easily.

6. Writing your Ad – 
Your text ads must be relevant, attractive, and empowering to get as many clicks as possible.
Writing Ads can take some time but with WP-Buddha adwords campaigner you can see your content that is already written and use it over your ads.
Taking advantage of your competitors who are struggling and facing CREATIVE BLOCK.

7. Trackable URL and why you want to use it – 
Tracking your campaign traffic will let you understand your campaign results more clearly.
By using UTM URL you can track your sources of traffic via your CRM or Google Analytics and get a better idea of what is the most effective channel for advertising and marketing your business.
Learn how to create UTM Url using WP-Buddha adwords campaigner in this post:


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