Check List Before Publishing your website

Creating a website is not simple craft.

It involves many stages, each one more complex than the other.

After the characterization, formatting, code and effects, all that remains is to upload the site to the web server and get everyone to start surfing it.


Before publishing the site, a few recent tests are recommended to make the work better:


1. Titles and Meta – It was customary to attribute meta tags and tags (site description, who did the job, etc.) to great importance and especially to the promotion of search engines.

It is now known that this is not very important, or at least not as it has been attributed so far. However, it is very important to make headlines and explanations about each page of the site not only for promotion purposes, a correct description of the site will cause search engines to display vital information about searches of our pages, Understand exactly where they are and understand what we wanted to do on that particular page.



<title> Dawnser’s Polaroids Gallery </ title>

<meta name = “description” content = “Polaroid Pictures I took between 1994-2009 mostly in israel” />


2. Favicon is the icon that appears in the address bar when browsing to different sites. This symbol creates an identity with the site and is stored in favorites so that you can create an identity with the logo and the site and make the surfers get to know your site.

Adding the FAVICON will be done by preparing such an icon by generators such as:

Then add the icon to the image folder and add the following code between the HEAD tags


<link rel = “icon” type = “image / x-icon” href = “/ favicon.ico” />


3. Browser compatibility check – One of the biggest problems in web sites is browser compatibility, there are a large number of browsers and we want the site to be as suitable as possible. There are several tools on the web that enable browser compatibility testing by simulating the browser.


4. Spelling and Typography – To display a site or content in a serious way, you must be very careful about the way it is written and of course the spelling errors.

There are several methods of writing content for websites, but they are all written as fluent and simple as possible and without errors or errors of pronunciation and proofreading.


5. Check Links – It is very, very important to make sure that all the links on the site, internal and external are working correctly, opening up and displaying the content for which they are written


6. Run tests – If we use plugins, scripts, software, video, animations, flash, sound, etc., it is very important to check whether they work properly, whether they are connected correctly, whether they contain the right content, and whether the flow is good.


7. Matching error pages – The common error page is the famous 404 page, this page informs you that the requested content can not be displayed or the page does not exist.

It is possible to make adjustments on most servers to 404 pages and to display texts and content that are correct marketing and useful to the site, of course you can also send the user back to this page.

SEO experts will claim that there is an advantage in matching 404 pages to search engine optimization. I suggest that it is better to create error pages that are customized to the site’s spirit than an Internet error message.


8. Backup – Before publishing the site it is very good to make sure that there is a backup of the entire site, including raw materials, open / closed files and everything related to the site, at least in two different places.

9. Speed Test Your Site –  you don’t want your site to be slow or stuck while loading, no-one will waist time waiting for a site to load.

Use google speed test and fix everything needed by the report, it will make your site faster.


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